Simple & Full-featured Accounting Software, UNDER YOUR BRAND.

Currently available for Singapore only.

Our Software, Your Brand & Solution.

Create a new revenue stream with no upfront cost. Use our Software, Package it under your own brand and sell it to your clients.

Extend your business offering and create a new revenue stream from your clients. You can become a Proprietary Accounting  Software provider today with NO UPFRONT COST.

Currently, PanoAccounting is the only available white-label solution for Singapore companies.

PanoAccounting is suitable to be packaged by these people :


Business Consultants

IT Companies


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Accounting Made Easy.

Beautiful, Easy, Full-featured and compliant for Singapore-based businesses. 

Elegant, complete and highly customizable, PanoAccounting is suitable for businesses of any size. PanoAccounting easily integrates with other modules such as Expenses, Sales, Invoicing, CRM and Inventory Management.

Jon Lang, Business Consultant & Accountant

“PanoAccounting allowed my company to offer Accounting Software to my existing customers, under my own brand. I have been able to generate a new income stream for my business through selling software, without the need for any upfront cost. Furthermore, these guys give awesome support to my clients – As if they are my own support team.”

Integrated with many modules, Sell more easily.

Up-sell your clients with extensions they need, easily. Explode your revenues, with NO UPFRONT COST.


Get an overview of your employees expenses. Access an accurate tracking tool.


Create polished, professional Quotations and Proposals in minutes.


Manage contracts, create recurring invoices, bill timesheets, get paid faster.

The most awesome support, EVER.

We will help you build a hugely successful software business.

Our success depends on your success. As our Partner, our mission is to provide the best level of support humanly possible to help you build a hugely profitable software business. For a start, we have made PanoAccounting PIC and ICV Compatible, which means your customers will be able to defray the cost of software through the use of available government Grants.

We have also labored to provide you additional resources with NO UPFRONT COST such as legal, marketing and technical support. Selected partners will be able to tap on our in-house expertise to help you sky-rocket the sales PanoAccounting under your own brand name successfully.

All our white-labelled software come with multiple support levels for your customers. You can be rest assured that all their technical support needs will be met.

PIC & ICV Claims

Contract Templates (For Software Sales)

Marketing Collateral & Demo Sets

Free website under your own brand

24/7 Technical Support levels for your customers

Start selling Accounting software under your own brand, with NO UPFRONT COST today!